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What is a Virtual Seating Plan?

The Virtual Seating Plan is the Simulation of your venues seating environment online. It will allow users from all over the world to see what the view will be like from their seating area and also find information such as ticket prices and event details. “User Friendly” links and maps built into the Virtual Seating Plan makes it easy for users to navigate their way around your venue and see just how amazing it is and how great their view will be.

The Virtual Seating plan can also include parking areas, ticket offices and gates that will provide the user with a better understanding of the venue. This will allow them to know more or less where to go when visiting your venue.

What is a Virtual Seating Plan?

All Virtual Seating plans are custom built according to our clients specifications. We do however recommend that the general layout and feel of the Virtual Seating plan remain relatively similar to our XD Virtual Tour layout. This improves the user friendliness of the Seating Plan as users whom are already familiar with one of our XD Virtual Tours will know exactly what they can do and how the Virtual Seating plan works.


Browsing help button, And general custom navigation buttons.

Interactive map and drop down menu indicating the seating plan and where the visitor is.

Advertising block. You may advertise anything in this block or provide it to one of your sponsors

Next event / Ticket price information box. This will automatically update as a user moves around the venue. It will also indicate to the user where they are and provide them with additional ticketing information.

Share buttons. “Take a photo” opens the virtual camera that allows the user to take photos of anything they see and email it to their friends and family. Or they can share the tour to social networks such as facebook and twitter.

Navigation buttons guiding users to various different seating allocations.

Links to your other Virtual Solutions from XD Virtual Tours. Can include venue tours, FAN Tours etc.

Your logo or seating plan sponsor logo. Can also include ticket office number as indicated.

Navigation buttons allowing users to Zoom, Look around and open the tour in Full Screen viewing mode.

Click HERE to view the Virtual Seating Plan of Loftus Versfeld Stadium.