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Marketing and Advertising benefits:

Virtual Seating Plan Marketing and Advertising

Embed into Facebook

You can run certain scenes of your Virtual Seating Plan on facebook! By simply posting a link to your wall, fans will be able to view that scene on your facebook page and directly in their news feed.

Take a Photo.

Users can open the virtual camera that will allow them to take a photo of anything they see inside of your Virtual Seating Plan and email it to their friends and family. We also use this email to market your own web site, events and the Virtual Seating plan to the recipients ensuring more web traffic and people getting to know about it.

Sharing to Social Networks

The incredible level of interactivity that these Virtual Seating plans offer visitors makes them want to share it with the whole world and we offer them the perfect tools to do so. Users can share these tours with their friends and family on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter via sharing buttons placed within the tour.

Marketing and Advertising Opportunities

Virtual Seating Plans offers various exciting marketing opportunities. Your Virtual Seating Plan will be custom build for you, using your logos and general web site color scheme to ensure maximum brand exposure. They can include advertisements in both banner and video format should you wish to advertise events etc on them.

Easily Branded for different events.

The Virtual Seating plan can easily be branded for different events. Venue owners can also run various different branded and priced virtual seating plans for their clients at any given time. Making this an great additional product you can offer to your clients.